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Piccolo squarcio di vita nei miei Tours. Foto scattate con Professional Nikon.

PHOTOS&LIFE'S MOMENTS by Eleonora Rossin


Eleonora Rossin is a Venetian Artist, known in the music world as a Singer, Pianist and Composer. Musical and Literary Author, she has published discographies of success (Madness 2010, Take me my Soul 2012, Elenoire in cover 2013), literary publications (Over the Rainbow (Oltre l'Arcobaleno vers. Italiana) 2009 Sevilla Editor, La Musicoterapia nella mente e nel corpo (Musictherapy in the mind and body) 2013, Music&Art Editor, Feltrinelli-Mondadori & Apple Distribution). 

1997-1998 began her training as part-time assistant in the studio of fashion, art, image to Venice where he learns the practical sense and especially visual image.

Despite initially becomes a temporary subsidy, related to her musical studies, has reached in next time a real expressive dimension, a treated in her music tours, adhering to a number of initiatives for which UNESCO World Charities.


2008-2011: Founder and teacher at MUSIC & ART Torino, organizes courses in extemporaneous photography, modeling, ambient.


Since 2010, she continues as freelance photographer with photography services and catalogs for clients such as American Resort, Food & Image, Items & Advertising, UNESCO World.

In 2010 she collaborated with the school IdaProjects Berlin for the organization of conferences, seminars and workshops on photography for students of schools stylist who need refresher courses.

In 2014 she won the competition organized by UnescoWorld for Asia, adhering both as a record-writer (see web site professionally that as a photographer.

In 2014 she won a Photos-Competition organized byPURPLE Middle Way, about a theme of Social Spirituality with a pic taken during a ceremony in Westminster Abbey in London.Her shots of London were inspired by the theme "Spirituality and human weakness, perspective and lived transmitted through rituals, ceremonies and everyday gestures".  The same shots were exposed to a charity auction in favor of literacy in Asia.

Character versatile, she devoted to minimalist photography, global & street, capturing images for realize: graphic sites, background scenes, storefronts, business gadget, sponsors and published events

Winner of the photos competition ( Street in the World 2010; Around Turin 2012; Middle Purple Day Unesco 2014 ) she prefers capture impromptu black&white, expressions of people and emotions everyday life.

Photos: Eleonora Rossin/ Apple&Nikon Camera.

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"La Donna che prega", foto tra le 15 vincitrici del 2 Concorso Nazionale Onlus Middle PURPLE Way 2014

La Donna che prega (Westminster Abbey London) 2014
La Donna che prega (Westminster Abbey London) 2014
Moonlight in Augusta Taurinorum
Moonlight in Augusta Taurinorum


Certosa Abbey...Chiusa Pesio